Fall- the perfect time to get engaged (and share the news!)

Or at least get photos to send to all of your friends and family.

Every newly-engaged couple wants to create memorable "Save the Date" cards, engagement announcements or may just want a new social media profile picture to show everyone how happy they truly are. Fall is one of the best season to do just that. With the cooling temperatures you get to dress up in your finest attire, or be more causal in sandals on those amazing warm autumn days. With the sun setting earlier, the light of the world tends to have a more ethereal quality about it and the leaves changing colors give a tapestry of bright yellows, greens and reds to photos.

I love fall, always have. It's the time of year when everyone's busy schedules slow back down and connecting with friends and family becomes a more regular occurrence. Us "weekend warriors" of summer trade in the beach getaways (okay, well not all of them) for apple-picking and walks through Prospect and McCarren parks. Of course, I think fall is the best time to capture this time in our lives so we can always remember the time spent with family and friends. Who doesn't love to share photos of exactly what they're thankful for just in time for the best holiday- Thanksgiving? I love helping people create these captured moments. When working with me, we'll figure out what location, time, length of session and other circumstances (what better to help create fall memories than hot chocolate or apple cider? Maybe with bourbon?) that will make for smiles and fond recollections years down the line.

I want to make it easier to share those photos with friends and family by giving 20% off of any portrait session scheduled before the first snow storm in 2016 (here's to hoping it doesn't happen too early this year). When contacting me to make the appointment please include "Fall is the perfect season" to receive the discount.

Charity Photography Spotlight: Give An Hour

The Give an Hour organization is an amazing nonprofit created by Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen to help veterans returning home from post-9/11 confilcts with mental health services. It relies on the generosity of potential donors like you and a large network of mental health service volunteers. I had the honor of photographing an event they hosted in Harlem a few weeks ago.

Give an Hour gets various mental health services practitioners to offer an hour of free care to a returning veteran and to also fight against the stigma of those in need seeking mental health care. 

It's programs like these that are making a real impact for our veterans in the communities that they live in. Since 2005, they have worked with those who have donated countless hours in service to the brave American heroes coming home from war, protecting us and helping to create a better world.

Their website has all of the details of how you can join in the great work they do.

I love to help causes in which we believe. Are you a nonprofit professional, board member, volunteer or supporter with an upcoming event? I can help design a photography strategy for your event, whether it's capturing candid shots or portraits in front of the step-and-repeat or taking photos of speakers, lecturers or entertainers. Whether you need images for your web site, annual report, fundraising/marketing materials or for any other purpose, I can work with you to get the images to deliver your message. Get in touch here and let's get to work!

Back To School

Its getting close to the time of year when kids get a little more depressed but the parents are doing cartwheels in anticipation for school starting again. With a little more then a month to go until the kids head back to the classroom again, it is also time to consider getting a photo taken to create a lasting memory of your child growing older and to give yourself a medal for surviving another summer vacation season. With every passing year, the child you know is getting closer to the adult you're raising them to be. They are becoming more independent, and "free spirited" with an ever-changing list of interests and hobbies. 

Now is the perfect time to capture these memories, interests, and hobbies, some of them maybe only a summer long, with a photo session. Create those embarrassing moments for them, the ones you get to show their prospective partners year after year until they have found their perfect match.

I want to help you bring out the spirit and energy of your child in a tailor-made photo session. Just take a look at some of the kids and families I've photographed and you'll see just a small bit of some great lasting memories I can help you capture. Since I love Brooklyn so much I am offering Brooklyn parents a 20% discount off of their Back To School photo session. Just be sure to write "Back To School" in your message (which you can start drafting here!) when you contact me to receive the discount. 

I can help you map out a great session for you and your family- photos you can use on social media and turn into whatever custom product you want!

The summers may seem like they last forever, but when they are over you'll think they went to fast. Don't let a summer go by without creating a lasting memory for years to come.




What to wear?

It can be a struggle to figure out what to wear for your upcoming session. Should I be formal, casual, or split the difference and go business casual? It is a tough question, and in the end really one that only you can answer. But by answering some of these questions you'll be better prepared in what to wear.

1. What is the narrative that you want to tell through the photos?

2. Who are the photos for?

3. Where will the photos be taken?

4. What is the season/weather outside?

5. Do you want uniformity or should everyone be unique?

6. What would make you the most comfortable?

In the end I always find it is best to be comfortable in your clothes. If you don't feel good in the clothing, it will show in the photos. So if comfortable for you is a three piece suit, or sweat pants and flip flops, I say go for it. You will never have to worry about any judgment from me! You're the ones having your picture taken so come as you are and how you want.

A little more about me.

I have lived my whole life with photography in the background, or actually the foreground. My mom was a photographer in her youth but gave it up when she had me. It's still a big part of who she is, and it's a major part of how I chose it as my profession. I can remember being photographed a lot as a young child, but as the years progressed the camera came out less and less. It became more of a decoration on the mantle, collecting dust and it eventually stopped working all together. 

Even though I grew up with photography ever-present, I didn't start pursuing it as a calling until after I had graduated from high school and had already finished my first semester in college. I always had an interest in art and design but other interests always took over more of my time, until I had finally took up the camera myself. It gave me the freedom to be as creative as I wanted to be while also being a technical junkie. When these two worlds finally collided, I knew I was hooked.

I graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH. The school was small and and gave me the individualized attention I needed to succeed. I focused on the "traditional" side of photography, constantly being in the darkroom, staining my clothes and developing a vitamin D deficiency. 

Staying in New England after graduating was a natural choice for me since I grew up in Massachusetts and my social and professional network was there. But in 2013 that network paid off and landed me a job in New York City working in a professional commercial darkroom. The dream of becoming a professional printer had been achieved and even though I never saw myself in New York, I knew being here was the next step in making my dreams a reality. I now get to play a part in the creative process for many of the prominent artists in the field, living and dead.

And now I am completing yet another dream of mine: taking my own photographs, helping people like you capture lasting memories and share your stories.