What to wear?

It can be a struggle to figure out what to wear for your upcoming session. Should I be formal, casual, or split the difference and go business casual? It is a tough question, and in the end really one that only you can answer. But by answering some of these questions you'll be better prepared in what to wear.

1. What is the narrative that you want to tell through the photos?

2. Who are the photos for?

3. Where will the photos be taken?

4. What is the season/weather outside?

5. Do you want uniformity or should everyone be unique?

6. What would make you the most comfortable?

In the end I always find it is best to be comfortable in your clothes. If you don't feel good in the clothing, it will show in the photos. So if comfortable for you is a three piece suit, or sweat pants and flip flops, I say go for it. You will never have to worry about any judgment from me! You're the ones having your picture taken so come as you are and how you want.