A little more about me.

I have lived my whole life with photography in the background, or actually the foreground. My mom was a photographer in her youth but gave it up when she had me. It's still a big part of who she is, and it's a major part of how I chose it as my profession. I can remember being photographed a lot as a young child, but as the years progressed the camera came out less and less. It became more of a decoration on the mantle, collecting dust and it eventually stopped working all together. 

Even though I grew up with photography ever-present, I didn't start pursuing it as a calling until after I had graduated from high school and had already finished my first semester in college. I always had an interest in art and design but other interests always took over more of my time, until I had finally took up the camera myself. It gave me the freedom to be as creative as I wanted to be while also being a technical junkie. When these two worlds finally collided, I knew I was hooked.

I graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH. The school was small and and gave me the individualized attention I needed to succeed. I focused on the "traditional" side of photography, constantly being in the darkroom, staining my clothes and developing a vitamin D deficiency. 

Staying in New England after graduating was a natural choice for me since I grew up in Massachusetts and my social and professional network was there. But in 2013 that network paid off and landed me a job in New York City working in a professional commercial darkroom. The dream of becoming a professional printer had been achieved and even though I never saw myself in New York, I knew being here was the next step in making my dreams a reality. I now get to play a part in the creative process for many of the prominent artists in the field, living and dead.

And now I am completing yet another dream of mine: taking my own photographs, helping people like you capture lasting memories and share your stories.