Back To School

Its getting close to the time of year when kids get a little more depressed but the parents are doing cartwheels in anticipation for school starting again. With a little more then a month to go until the kids head back to the classroom again, it is also time to consider getting a photo taken to create a lasting memory of your child growing older and to give yourself a medal for surviving another summer vacation season. With every passing year, the child you know is getting closer to the adult you're raising them to be. They are becoming more independent, and "free spirited" with an ever-changing list of interests and hobbies. 

Now is the perfect time to capture these memories, interests, and hobbies, some of them maybe only a summer long, with a photo session. Create those embarrassing moments for them, the ones you get to show their prospective partners year after year until they have found their perfect match.

I want to help you bring out the spirit and energy of your child in a tailor-made photo session. Just take a look at some of the kids and families I've photographed and you'll see just a small bit of some great lasting memories I can help you capture. Since I love Brooklyn so much I am offering Brooklyn parents a 20% discount off of their Back To School photo session. Just be sure to write "Back To School" in your message (which you can start drafting here!) when you contact me to receive the discount. 

I can help you map out a great session for you and your family- photos you can use on social media and turn into whatever custom product you want!

The summers may seem like they last forever, but when they are over you'll think they went to fast. Don't let a summer go by without creating a lasting memory for years to come.